July 15, 2017

Episode 131 - The History of Fantasmic!

With the impending re-opening of Disneyland's Fantasmic!, Jim walks us through the history of the attraction.
June 30, 2017

Episode 130 - The History of Pixar in Disney's Theme Parks

Jim walks through the history of Pixar's involvement in Disney's theme parks, from inspiring films, to parades, and rides.
June 16, 2017

Episode 129 - History of Character Greetings plus NintendoLand and Star Wars Hotel News

Jim also updates us on the Star Wars hotel idea that's being considered for Disney's Hollywood Studios.
May 31, 2017

Episode 128 - Is "Tapu Tapu" Samoan for "Opening Day Disaster?" and Guardians of the Galaxy opens at DCA.

Jim attends the opening day ceremonies at Universal's Volcano Bay water park, then flies across the country for the debut of Guardians of the Galaxy at DCA.
May 25, 2017

Bonus Episode - Pandora Food and Merchandise, plus WDW News

Jim and Len walk through the food and merchandise to tell you what's interesting and what's tasty.
May 15, 2017

Episode 127 - We review Pandora - The World of Avatar

It's been almost 6 years in the making, but Disney's Animal Kingdom has finally opened Pandora - The World of Avatar, based on James Cameron's film franchise. Jim and Len walk through the land and rides to tell you how it tu…
April 30, 2017

Episode 126 - When Harrods Almost Came to Disney (Chronological Disney)

Back in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Disney wanted to build malls as part of its Downtown Disney strategies. In order to get elite, anchor stores like Harrods into Florida, Disney supposedly offered them a two-for-one dea…
April 13, 2017

Episode 125 - The Master Plan for Disney Seas California (Disneyland's Unbuilt Second Gate mini-series)

Jim talks about how Imagineer Kim Murphy's aquarium-centered career at SeaWorld and Epcot's The Seas leads to the ideas for another of Disney's nautical-themed second gates for California - Disney Seas.
April 3, 2017

Episode 124 - When Disneyland's Second Gate was a Boat (Chronological Disneyland Series)

Jim tells the story of how back in the early 1990's, when Disneyland was looking to expand, it considered the Queen Mary in Long Beach Harbor as part of its expansion plans.
March 18, 2017

Episode 123 - Disney World stories we'll tell in the 2018 Unofficial Guide

Every spring, Jim and Len get together to talk about the mini-stories that go into the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World. It's how the podcast got started, in fact. This show is our actual conversation about what's going…
March 2, 2017

Episode 122 - The First Second Gate (Chronological Disneyland)

Back in 1990, Disneyland was ready to invest in a second theme park in Anaheim. It wasn't the first time, though, that the Disney corportation looked to expand its footprint in California. In fact, Walt had an ambitious plan…
Feb. 19, 2017

Episode 121 - Caribbean Beach, Coronado Springs News and Disney buys Disneyland Paris

Jim and Len recorded this show a couple of days before the Caribbean Beach and Coronado Springs news hit last week. Also Jim talks about why Disney just bought the other half of Disneyland Paris.
Jan. 31, 2017

Episode 120 - Epcot's Festival of the (mostly culinary) Arts, Caribbean Beach DVC, and other news

Len visits Epcot's newest seasonal fling, the Festival of the Arts. Jim explains how Caribbean Beach's new DVC buildings might look, and we talk rumors of Evening Extra Magic Hours' demise at the Studios.
Jan. 14, 2017

Episode 119 - Rockettes and Restaurants

In our main two segments, Jim talks about the time Michael Eisner picked a fight with Radio City's Rockettes, and lost. Len talks about the best restaurants in Walt Disney World as voted on by you.
Dec. 31, 2016

Episode 118 - Jim Wraps Up the History of O Canada!

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Dec. 24, 2016

Bonus Episode #2 - Discovery Bay, Hawaii

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Dec. 15, 2016

Bonus Episode - Jim and Len review Rogue One **with spoilers**

Jim and Len review Rogue One **with spoilers**
Dec. 14, 2016

Episode 117 - Len gets to see Rivers of Light and the Disney Springs drone show!

Hear Len's review of Rivers of Light's Castmember Preview performances, and the new drone show over at Disney Springs. Spoiler alert: Jim was right months ago when he said that creative issues were just as much a part of Riv…
Nov. 30, 2016

Episode 116 - The Muppets Restaurant That Never Was

This is part of our Unbuilt Disney series, with additional shows at DisneyDish.bandcamp.com
Nov. 22, 2016

Episode 115 - Why For? The Headless Horseman, Part 2

Listen to Part 1 of the story here: https://disneydish.bandcamp.com/track/why-for-the-headless-horseman
Nov. 4, 2016

Disney Dish Episode 114 - Jim talks about Disney's 1980's plans to develop Long Beach Harbor next to Disneyland

Jim talks about Disney's 1980's plans to develop Long Beach Harbor next to Disneyland
Oct. 30, 2016

Episode 113 - Previewing our upcoming Unbuilt Disney talk

There'll be more, including a long-lost Jimmy Hoffa memo, at the event.
Oct. 14, 2016

Disney Dish Episode 112 - Disney Hurricane Aftermath, Len's Recent Restaurant Reviews (Condensed version)

Len makes an unusual request at Victoria and Albert's, which causes the manager to stop by the table.
Sept. 30, 2016

Episode 111 - History of the O Canada! film, part 2 (Condensed version)

Jim finishes the history of the O Canada! film at Canada's pavilion at Epcot. Also a bit about the potential DVC at Caribbean Beach Resort.