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Ugh Disney, sorry guys, unfollowed, less Disney

This is a 5-star podcast. But today I’m unfollowing. The thought of going to Disney parks, or supporting Disney content in any deep or enthusiastic way, is becoming too much to bare. Who would have though the Walt Disney Company would become one of the most family-unfriendly corporate media enterprises. It’s all happened really in the last 6-8 years, it’s amazing. Disney, Pixar, Lucasfilm, ESPN, it’s all an “unsafe” space for children, people with traditional values, conservatives, free-people, and just folks who love the things they grew-up with. Len and Jim say all the time that Disney parks is now only focusing on the whales: rich international families, childless adults, frequent-visitor-super-fans. Their values are (1) corporate power and money, and (2) far-off-the-scale leftism. Not a very happy combination. Disney Corp runs its own city, here in America, outside of democratic systems…let that sink in. No hard-feelings to other Dish fans, you’re all free to spend your money as you wish, and pretend Disney is still top-notch entertainment. Len and Jim are great, but I think even they have become fatigued with being so close to the Disney orbit.

It took a while, but I get it now.

I enjoy this podcast every week. I usually start listening on a schmursday and by next Schmursday I’m so ready for a new episode. The legal info on the whole Reedy creek thing was so good. I enjoy the history parts- sometimes Len’s enthusiasm is just crazy but having watched a review of his time on the galactic star cruiser, yeah that’s just Len. Lol. Love it when his sister comes on (Christine?) to do the food reviews- she sounds awesome.

Come for the intros of Jim, stay for the deep Disney insight

If you are a Disney junkie and not listening to this podcast, your life is incomplete. What better than two of the most knowledgeable people on the topic of Disney uncovering some deep tracks and cracking jokes. That I can now explain the origin story of the Electrical Water Pageant followed by the Main Street Electrical Parade gives me a certain gravitas with the supper club, that being my wife and a bunch of kids. The only thing that could improve this show more is a weekly segment where Chrissy and Len bicker about any random thing.

Very knowledgeable!

These guys know their stuff. Entertaining and also educational too. A must for all things related to Disney parks of past, present and future.

Professional Grade

It is truly evident that there is a significant amount of production quality that goes into each and every episode. I thoroughly enjoy all of the topics discussed and learn something new each and every episode. I always find myself refreshing my podcast app on Mondays looking for a new episode.

Disney Dish absolutely a must

My favorite podcast. Love the statistics and honest reviews of theme park and other Disney news. Best of all, they are not shills and therefore can give and truthful opinion and review!

Here is a topic for you!!!

Just listened to cabinet of curiosities podcast and discovered something I’ve never heard about before. Ships of scream’s just released 2-22-22 😀. The ship is referencing Disney ownership of the vessel.

Where to hear the inside skinny!

Look forward to listening to this podcast every Monday. Wonderful information and analization of news and information about the parks. And fun to listen to!

Jim & the other guy are wonderful!

Jim Hill is a Disney Legend! He is thoughtful, creative, & lyrical when setting the scene for his latest Disney history lesson. He knows everything and presents it all without ego or boast. The other guy is ok, too. Well done!

New listener…won’t miss another episode!

Idk how I’ve missed you guys, but this was phenomenal! So entertaining, hilarious, and I learned so much as well! @touringplans made my day…she should be on every episode!!! And possibly do standup comedy. I’m hooked!!! XOXO

Head and Shoulders Above the Rest

Without a doubt, Jim and Len deliver a top quality podcast filled with rich history, current information, educated hypotheses, and plenty of wit to entertain. Great job!

The Disney podcast to end all Disney podcasts

Len and Jim genuinely have the inside info on all things Disney and that makes this podcast so great. They love Disney but they’re honest about Disney too. And yeah there’s a lot of dad jokes which I appreciate as a fan of dumb humor. I actually pay for the ad free version and it’s worth it.

Another 5 star review?

Yep! Already 79 reviews so I'll keep it brief. Len is a Disney nerd, by the numbers, hardcore nerd. Jim is a Disney geek, a fount of insight, history, and lore. Together, they dish. They are the Disney Dish. It's shmursday people. Listen!

THE Quintessential Disney Podcast

Granted I’m a new listener but a lifelong Disney fan and this podcast is takes a love and turns it to an informed passion. The beast that is Disney, and specifically the parks themselves, is without a question one of the most interesting topics in modern recorded history, and this podcast only reinforces that. Don’t believe me? I dare you to listen to Jim and Len and come up with another subject that combines imagination, business and history all into one’s what makes the subject of Disney so unique and in large part what makes this podcast so awesome. The nature of Disney itself, allows Jim and Len to discuss even the seemingly most mundane topics like an earnings call, in a story-like manor that draws listeners in. To put it simply, Jim and Len’s ability to execute excellent informative story telling every Shmursday, combined with the unique nature of Disney itself, is a podcasting match made in heaven!

Nothing Better

The best Disney Parks Podcast period. I have no idea how Jim can tell so many amazing Disney stories. And how Len can come up with so many witty responses.

If only…

I had a magic lamp, I would ask Genie fir a wish to be trapped in a skyliner with these two (in a totally non creepy way of course)! I would ask for all the amazing stories and hilarious tidbits! So much insider info that you don’t get anywhere else! Absolutely my favorite Disney podcast!

My weekly listen

I love the stories that Jim and Len tell and their take on current Disney news. They are the only Disney podcast I come back to weekly.

Great Show!

I love listening to the show while out on walks and runs. All the shows help make the week go by faster and always enjoy all the great information!

Tom Sawyer island market data from 1970s

All of my 4 siblings and I were kids at WDW in 1976. To this date our collective memory of what we loved and hated. These now 45 year old memories are consistent - loved and played on Tom Sawyer island for hours. Those of us returning cannot figure out why we loved it. Surprised at ourselves - hated line and wait for an show we thought was for babies. But, to be fair, my parents had us growing up on universal monsters and 1930s comedies


that’s it exactly

Best Disney Fix

If I can’t go to the WDW Parks and Resorts, the next best thing is Len and Jim’s podcast. Entertaining, informative and downright hilarious! Len’s Disney news segments and Jim’s storytelling have saved my sanity during quarantine. I don’t even fast forward through the commercials just so I can hear Jim soothingly talk about virtual counseling. Who needs counseling when we have Jim and Len! BTW, I’m in NH too, Jim. Let’s start a support group for grounded Granite Staters!!

The one I look forward to every week!

Jim Hill and Len Testa make up such a perfect pair. I enjoy the news updates and bits of history that are shared every week with a realistic, lighthearted view that takes into account where we’ve been as well as where we are now as a society and Disney-loving community. Jim, I hope you never retire because I would truly miss these weekly talks. If you like this one, also check out the others Jim Hill offers, about Universal, Marvel, Star Wars, and animation.

Great stuff for any Disney fan

As a fan of the Disney parks, but also of the history of the Disney company as a whole, I look forward every week to a new installment of this podcast! (In fact, it’s one of the few things I look forward to Mondays for. It is what gets me out to run at lunch time, just so I can listen to the latest episode.) Keep up the great work!

Wonderful backstories

I love the backstories to Disney history. Great information for any Disney fan.

All the Disney news full of nerd details

I missed the original WDW today cast when they stopped making that podcast. I followed Len Testa here when he joined Jim Hill in reporting out on the latest disney news. I love their banter. The scoop. The times when Len gets into the math behind everything. I especially love when he gets into the math. This one is in my must listen to podcasts

Best Disney Podcast!!!

My Monday morning commute has become so much more enjoyable since I discovered Len and Jim on the Disney Dish. I listen close to a dozen Disney podcast. And while I enjoy all of them for different reason. Disney Dish is hands down by far the best. Len’s humor and current knowledge of what’s going on around DW gets me excited for upcoming trips. (Fingers crossed for Ratatouille opening before my end of January trip). And Jim’s history and inside scoop on all things Disney is amazing and informative. Keep up the amazing work guys! I wake up morning mornings excited with anticipation of a new episode.

The authority on Disney parks and history

I love Len Testa's knowledge of the parks and surveys. He is able to explain what Disney is thinking and what Disney is trying to learn from their survey questions. Jim Hill has inside knowledge from his sources at Imagineering and a great history of the parks. His stories are always fun to listen to!

Best podcast ever!!!

This is an awesome awesome AWESOME podcast that is so much fun to listen to, and the disney knowledge you get is incredible! Listening to Jim and Len has helped me stay sane throughout the pandemic. Great work!!

Thoughtful and Engaging Disney Parks Podcast

I’m a new listener and so far I am really digging this podcast! I’d heard Len as a guest before on other podcasts so when I found this I thought I’d give it a listen, and I’m so glad I did. Both hosts are very knowledgeable about current events at the Disney parks as well as Disney history. Their conversations are casual while still remaining on-topic, which I really appreciate.

Awesome podcast

This is one of the best Disney podcasts. Great timely information and really entertaining. Thanks Len and Jim!