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Disney Parks news and much more
Disney insiders Len and Jim do a great job discussing the latest Disney parks news, surveys, rumors, and history. Entertaining presentation along with informative and honest content mixed with clever jokes. A must listen for Parks fans.

A Weekly Must for WDWatchers
The Disney Dish is an absolute must for Disney news junkies and history aficionados. The hosts are incredibly knowledgeable and they are appropriately critical — neither delusional in their optimism nor exhausting in their pessimism. They share historical facts and current insights that I don’t read /hear anywhere else. (Check out the recent episode on the leadership change at the company to see what I mean.) Finally, they really seem to like their jobs — and listeners.

Best way to go to Disney Parks with out leaving home
The Disney Dish with Jim Hill and Len Testa is THE best Disney podcasts available!! It’s not worth your time looking for another!! Len’s positivity is amazing paired with Jim Hill’s knowledge is a 1-2 punch that will knock you straight to Orlando and/or Anaheim!! True Story!! It’s an every shmursday must listen!!

THE best Disney podcast!
I always enjoy each episode of this podcast! I love the inside scoop and the news and discussions of all things Disney. The banter between Jim and Len is always entertaining. The jokes are funny and stories are fascinating! I appreciate the work they do to prepare for these shows and their honest opinions. I’ve listened weekly since the beginning. It is always a highlight of my day!

400 Episodes! Wow!
Congratulations to Len and Jim on the 400th episode of the Disney Dish, fabulously produced by Aaron Adams! I look forward to listening to the podcast each week for what I call “Disney Dish diversion during drudgery or driving.” Your show is very entertaining and informative, and I’m pretty sure I’ve listened to them all on Bandcamp. Please organize a Disney Dish Live group excursion to Tokyo someday! Thanks for everything! -Jean from Annapolis (aka zozmd)

Equal entertainment for my 7 y.o. and me!
My son and I are big fans of the Disney Dish and this is the only podcast he will listen to, let alone ask for specifically. For my History minor heart, I love the research and care that Jim brings to each week’s topic. For my son, he loves anytime that Len talks numbers (future statistician maybe?). For both of us— it’s the jokes! We even started from the beginning to hear and learn more. Jim and Len bring critical analysis to such a mammoth of a brand, but still make each week’s listen so much fun for both of us. I can’t say he’s the youngest fan but I can say Reaves G. is the most avid seven-year-old listener of the Disney Dish, and he is anxiously awaiting for the 400th episode release. Thanks for giving us something special to share every week!

Turn Chrissy up to 11
I platonically love Len and Jim, but absolutely adore Chrissy. If the pod were a rock ballad, I’d scream from the cheap seats, “NEEDS MORE CHRISSY”.

Exceptional Dive in to Disney
One part history, one part current events, one part humor; and the best WDW podcast going.

The outright preeminent show for the complete Disney enthusiast.
This show has it all when it comes to Disney, news, surveys, laughter, the inside story, accurate predictions, history and the two best hosts anyone could ask for. I always look forward to each show as a bright spot for my drive time. DanandFam

Best Disney Podcast for fans and newcomers
This podcast has a perfect blend of Disney history and current happening. All delivered by the very knowledgeable and hilarious folks who created the touring plans app and Jim Hill who has over 40 years of experience reporting on the WDW company. If you are planning a trip or just want to know what’s happening with the Disney parks, this is the podcast for you.

Great All Around
Well produced, relevant news, comedy, analysis, and unique and original ideas. A great Podcast for Disney Parks first timers and veterans alike.

Best way to go to Disney Parks with out leaving home
The Disney Dish with Jim Hill and Len Testa is THE best Disney podcasts available!! It’s not worth your time looking for another!! Len’s positivity is amazing paired with Jim Hill’s knowledge is a 1-2 punch that will knock you straight to Orlando and/or Anaheim!! True Story!! It’s and every shmursday must listen!!

I’ve found my happy place
For me, this is THE definitive Disney podcast. I’ve been fans of each of them individually for years — having the both of them converse about Disney every week is a dream come true. Their research, analysis, and intelligent dialogue provides depth to any Disney experience.

I trust these men with my Disney life!
Fun. Hilarious. Honest. Informative. I've been listening to WDW podcasts since the advent of podcasts and this is now my longest term podcast commitment (since the original WDWToday format change). Len has been an established WDW and data authority for me for nearly 20 years. Jim is an awesome resource with endless knowledge of entertainment history and great insight into the pulse of the parks. I would follow these men unto the breach (of WDW security)!

The Only Disney Parks Podcast You Need
Len has an analytics based take on WDW without getting too nerdy coupled with Jim’s historical approach, the two are a delight mix of knowledge and fun! They cover current park happenings and go back in time to discuss different facets of the parks and attractions. They aren’t pixie dusters, but do love the parks even though they might no agree with everything management is doing. The highlight of my weekend chores is listening to these two cats.

Love the Disney History
This podcast is great if you are into the history behind Disney World. Keep up the great work and would love even more of how the rides and resort hotels were built.

That Guy! (Times two)
With over a century of Disney theme park visits between them, the sharp wit and superior mind of Len Testa fused with the fine journalistic instincts and fantastic long term memory (at least when it comes to tales of the Walt Disney company and its theme parks) of veteran poster of Disney behind-the-scenes storytelling of Jim Hill just makes this podcast the best!

Happy Schmersday!
Fun Podcast about both the latest news and history about WDW. Len has interesting perspective being both intricately linked to the operational aspects of the theme parks and as a fan himself. Jim appears to know more about the history of the parks than many other and always has a great bit of info to share about whatever topic they are discussing.

Best Disney News Podcast
You won’t find a better Disney news podcast.

The best show about anything!
I’ve been a fan/follower/listener of the show for almost a decade. Anything Len Testa or Jim Hill is a part of is gold. I highly recommend this show and if you’re a Disney or Entertainment nerd, you’ll love it.

Entertaining Informative Disney Dudes!
Look forward to each newly released podcast! I’ll even go back to listen to older ones I’ve missed. Len and Jim make exercising, doing laundry and driving to work more enjoyable!

Disney vibes!
The best! ✨✨✨✨ Jim and Len are so great together. Love the stats Len brings, my inner analyst is always pumped. Absolutely love when Christina joins for food/drink reviews. Let’s be friends 🤣🍸🍺🍻🍷🍹Always can count on the Disney Dish to get my Disney fix as we are from Detroit and get down there once, maybe twice a year. Please never stop 😇😇

Great way to start the work week!
I love listening to Disney Dish every Monday while driving to or from work! Jim and Len are so inviting to listen to. They are funny and informative about what is new in Disney and the history of Disney. By far this is my favorite podcast. Thank you!

I look forward to every episode
This is a fun podcast. Love the Disney history paired with new topics. Jim and Len make a great team.

Very informative
Love this podcast!

Great perspective and coverage on Disney parks
I used to listen to a lot of Disney Parks podcasts and this is the only one I still reliably tune into. Jim and Len are true experts, and I’ve heard a lot of stories on this show that I’ve never heard or seen anywhere else. The coverage is thorough and the analysis is very smart and prudent. I’ll be listening for a long time!

A great podcast. Informative and very entertaining.
Snooze-fest - You have to listen to the last episode to get why that is funny. It's far from a snooze-fest, the podcast is amazing. With Len's sense of humor and Jim's extensive knowledge of everything Disney Parks, the show is never boring and I guarantee you will learn something every time.

Favorite Disney Podcast 🙌
I subscribe and listen to several good Disney podcasts, but this one is consistently my favorite. It’s a perfect blend of current news and interesting history, and I always apprentice Jim and Len’s insight and humor. Full disclosure: I am not a morning person and this podcast paired with a strong cup of coffee are what get me out of bed. If only every day were Shmursday!

The most informative Disney parks podcast that blends news and history
Len from TouringPlans and Jim Hill provide a behind the scenes view of the latest Disney news and a history of the parks. It’s for Disney fans but isn’t afraid to tell the truth when things aren’t great. It’s a must-listen every weeka

Disney Magic
This is far and away the best Disney podcast. Unparalleled insight, intriguing stories from the inside of the Disney company, but most of all this show has a heart that is evident with every episode. This podcast is worth your listen.