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I have, over the years, developed an almost unhealthy obsession with the disney parks and movies. The house of mouse now consists of every single thing I have loved as a child and now as an adult. Star Wars...check! Marvel...check! Classic movies...check! I discoverd Jim Hill and Len Testa while preparing for a disney vacation about two years ago. I have listened to just about every other podcast related to disney in an attempt to find something that meets my sense of humor as well as the more important need for insight. Jim and Len are far from Disney loyalists and provided an unbiased look into the parks. They have great knowledge, advice, and listenability. I don't find myself irritated by unsubstantiated or irrational hatred or love for anything they discuss. This is my moment of zen on the way into work each day. Give it a listen. I promise that you will not be disappointed. If you are, you're just not that Disney.

These are some of the best, most knowledgeable guys around when it comes to discussing the parks. But Len and Jim, a 9 minute episode does not “a new edition of the Disney Dish podcast” make. There’s Youtube ads longer than your episode. Why not save all your around the parks discussion into one episode?

Also, Jim. He’s awesome too.

Love these guys
Len and Jim are so entertaining and always have the inside scoop on what’s happening at Disney, which is a good complement to other Disney podcasts that tend to be more about trip planning and tips. For an upcoming episode, I would love to know what is happening with paid fast passes now that the club level FP has been rolled out for awhile. Have people been buying these and is there any hope Disney will make them available to more guests (not just club level?). Any speculation from Jim and Len about whether Disney will move to the Universal model? Thanks!

Best Disney Podcast, Period.
There’s an old saying along the lines of “As goes Rome, so goes the world”. These days, in entertainment, that should be updated to “As goes Disney, so goes the rest of the industry.” They are the absolute top dog across movies, theme parks, and merchandising, and Jim Hill and Len Testa are the absolute top dogs on reporting on them! Insightful, filled with scoops and decades of first-hand knowledge, this is the podcast to beat for all things Disney.

The Best!
This is absolutely the BEST podcast for those that are DEEP into the Disney fan community! The knowledge of Len and Jim combine for great entertainment, and education about all things Disney theme parks (and some other stuff too)!

Entertaining and informative!
Jim Hill and Len Testa have some great chemistry and some incrediblely deep knowledge about the Walt Disney Company and the theme park industry in general. Two great minds coming together like this is really a pleasure to listen to. This podcast is a must listen in my opinion for fans of Disney theme parks. I can almost guarantee you'll learn something new!

My favorite podcast!
I just love listening to this podcast! The Disney history is so interesting, love the news and rumors, just a great podcast! Thanks Len and Jim!!

5 star Disney podcast
I have listened to several Disney podcasts for years and this one ranks up there at the top. Len and Jim are very informative and entertaining. I look forward to each new show. Highly recommend!

The Best Most Informative Disney Podcast Of Them All
The only problem with this podcast is that Jim & Len don't record it MORE often! Not only do we get the latest and most up-to-date Disney news but we also get in-depth analysis of the whys and hows. Jim & Len pull back the layers to not only explain the changes happening at Disney but also why these changes happen. They explore the Disney Corporation rationale as well as the Disney fan community response. I look forward to every episode.

My absolute favorite podcast! Both Jim and Len’s theme park knowledge plays fabulously with each other. They have a great chemistry that makes the show both funny and interesting. I also learn something new every show that I can tell my friends! Lol! Thanks for the wonderful podcast!

Terrific podcast; Len is always great
Pros: fantastic content - Disney history, current events and analysis, and what is (or may be) coming to the parks in the future. Jim is - obviously - a wealth of Disney information. He has stories and anecdotes that most of us would love to have experienced first-hand. And he seems like a really nice guy. Adding Len Testa to anything always makes it better. His sense of humor is great, and he manages to mesh it very well with his more science-y analysis of the parks, crowds, pricing, logistics, etc. Cons: Jim sometimes tries *way* too hard to be funny/witty, and instead gives off this weird “aggressive geek” vibe, which is off-putting. He also often takes a didactic tone when he speaks, as if he wants to emphasize how much he knows compared to the audience. “What you have to understand is....,” “what people always forget...”, “you gotta remember....”, as if he’s talking to schoolchildren. It gets grating after a while.

Len and Jim are the best!
Disney history and news done in a professional and fun way!

We Want More !!
Hands down the BEST Disney insider info out there. I could listen to Jim & Len all day. They bring you Disney history as welll as nuggets of future Disney happenings. If I had 1 negative....I wish the podcasts were longer !! A++