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Kinda lost me...
It's always a good informative show, but when an animator going to work the the Daily Wire is just the most awful news you can think of, might need to take a mental step back and listen to yourself.

Great Show!
Amazing insight on the world of animation, with fun interviews, and stories you won’t hear anywhere else.

The source for Disney animation news
Drew Taylor and Jim Hill always have great insight into Disney Animation. The episode about Circle 7 studios and their relationship with Pixar was fabulous!

All things animation!
Since I was a kid, I loved animated movies and that didn't stop just because I grew up. I love listening to Jim and Drew talk about all kinds of animated movies/shows (ones I grew up with as well as new ones), and I honestly feel like I have more appreciation for the work that goes into animated movies just listening to their commentary as well as their interviews with the folks that directly work in animation. Great podcast!

Converted me to an animaniac!
I've only been a casual animation (Disney) fan. Jim and Drew have opened my eyes to other animation movies and series out there. Jim is his usual excellent self (see Disney Dish podcast), but Drew holds his own with not only interesting opinions but info and interviews with some pretty big names out there. They both know their stuff but work very well together. The information they each present complements each other's and I really enjoy their humor and interplay. Jim is a consummate professional who is well-informed and very entertaining (and a nice guy too!). I find Drew to be just as professional in his knowledge and I like his humor. Drew is a bit blunt in some assessments but I like that as opposed to an "everything is good" approach. (And Drew is right, Gravity Falls is pretty great).

What a great compliment to the Disney Dish... Jim is entertaining as always, and the interviews with Drew Taylor are insightful, entertaining, and you can tell he knows what he’s talking about (and the people he interviews noticeably appreciate it!)

Intro was annoying
Thank you for getting rid of the intro.

Good stories
I appreciate the variety of cartoons they cover. The BTS stories are priceless!

Can't wait for these.
Great informative podcast!!!

Outstanding podcast with great insight into everything about animation