Fine Tooning with Drew Taylor

Converted me to an animaniac!

I've only been a casual animation (Disney) fan. Jim and Drew have opened my eyes to other animation movies and series out there. Jim is his usual excellent self (see Disney Dish podcast), but Drew holds his own with not only interesting opinions but info and interviews with some pretty big names out there. They both know their stuff but work very well together. The information they each present complements each other's and I really enjoy their humor and interplay. Jim is a consummate professional who is well-informed and very entertaining (and a nice guy too!). I find Drew to be just as professional in his knowledge and I like his humor. Drew is a bit blunt in some assessments but I like that as opposed to an "everything is good" approach. (And Drew is right, Gravity Falls is pretty great).

Dec. 7, 2019 by gauss88 on Apple Podcasts

Fine Tooning with Drew Taylor

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