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Monster Cafe !!
Love the show! You guys are fun to listen to and keep the show moving along at a great pace. If you’re looking for ideas, I would love to hear the complete history of monster Café that used to be at Universal Studios Orlando. I am hoping that it will be resurrected from the dead and placed over in the new epic universe, monsters area. Keep up the great work and look forward to hearing more and more about the new park when it’s getting ready to the show!

Great relaunch
Love the new relaunch and show with Eric! Good work guys

Go to for universal content.

Fun Universal Podcast
It's nice to have a podcast in my list for Universal. Feels like there are so many Disney centric ones that it's nice to find one that focuses on Universal. Rounds out my theme park podcast listening nicely.

Great pod about universal studios
Love Jim hill and Dustin. They do a great job with the universal studios give them a listen

The intro was annoying
Thank you for getting rid of the annoying intro.

Another Great Podcast
I am addicted to Jim Bill’s take on entertainment! Great compliment to the Disney dish.

Jim Hill Does Universal
I’ll admit I enjoy ALL of Jim’s shows and that includes this show. Jim stories, insights and background info make for an entertaining deep dive into the theme park down the world from the house of mouse. Justin rounds out the show with his past experience working at Universal. Keep me coming guys!