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The best Marvel podcast
Jim and Aaron are national treasures and this podcast is incredible.

The best Marvel podcast
JuliusM sounds like an insufferable twit. Jim and Aaron are national treasures and this podcast is incredible.

I truly enjoy this podcast, but I have to back up JuliusM. Reporting on spoilers should only be done after the project has been released. The most egregious example was the blatant spoiling of the mid-credit scene from Eternals. You have enough entertaining news and banter. Please put a pin in spoiler stories until after Marvel fans have had at least the opening weekend to see the new marvelous movie. Thanks!

Great show
Lots of great info, love listening

Aaron knows his Marvel
I appreciate all the knowledge from the comics that Aaron brings to this podcast. My only criticism of this podcast is Jim comes to it with very little marvel knowledge and usually pronounces the names wrong.

Great Show
I really enjoy the show. A fun look at what’s happening in the Marvel universe. Jim and Aaron are wonderful hosts who have a passion for the subject.

Such a fun and entertaining podcast - (even if you are not a huge Marvel fan)
I have listened to this podcast as well as Jim Hills other offerings for a couple of years. I am mainly a Disney fan but Aaron and Jim make Marvel accessible and fun. There is plenty here for super fans but for me as a casual Marvel viewer, I find this a great way to understand and enjoy Marvel more. Aarons occasional sound effects and comedy are excellent - prompting this review - check it out - subscribe and review ! Don’t take as long as I did.

Good Information all around, but
I enjoy all of Jim’s podcasts. I am a huge Marvel fan, so I figured I’d give this one a try. I enjoy it, it’s good. However, Aaron does come across as arrogant sometimes, which is the reason why I find myself skipping episodes from time to time. He has great comic knowledge, so it’s worth putting up with it. It’s not a total turnoff, but it’s the reason for 4 stars instead of 5.

Love this podcast!
This is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to on a regular basis. Jim and Aaron are lots of fun, witty, and very knowledgeable about Marvel and Disney. I only wish they would release it a little more often! Thanks for the awesome stories.

The highlight of my week
I look forward to listening to Jim Hill and Aaron Adams every time they drop a new podcast. True entertainment for my inner-comic-book-geek. Plus Jim is a wealth of knowledge in all things Disney and Theme Parks… and Aaron is a database of Spider-man and Marvel knowledge. Great Duo!

Gives me info I didn't know
I'm a casual Spiderman and Marvel movie fan and I really like the info I get from this podcast. Jim is his usual excellent self in this podcast and while Aaron isn't everyone's cup of tea, I really value his historical info, which seems to be more from the comics days. While I don't always agree with Aaron's opinions and he is quite boisterous (to say the least), I get enough out of his superfan info-sharing to keep me entertained. I learn stuff from Aaron and I'm entertained enough to wait out the occasional rants. And any chance to learn more insider info from Jim Hill is time well spent for me.

Look forward to these.
Great informative podcast!!!

Running Disney
First of all, I love all of the Jim HIll Podcasts, and Marvel Us is truly my favorite. Thank you for bringing fun content and thoughtful conversation to my running world. I stack all the podcasts up, so when I go out to run, I have something to keep me entertained and excited for my next Disney trip at the same time. In fact, the RunDisney races and the culture surrounding them might be a fun addition to your Media Network. Keep up the great work!

Awesome Show
Another Jim Hill home run. Also Aaron’s depth of knowledge is vast and I like that he shares his opinions. And yes he has that excellent radio voice. I especially like Aaron’s sound effect and music breakdowns. I’d like some more of that. Keep up the good work guys.

Fun stuff
Jim and Aaron offer lots of fun takes and insider info on Disney and Marvel. It's always at the top of my list when available. Plus, Aaron has such a cool voice that he could make reading the phone book entertaining.