Oct. 18, 2018

Marvel Us Disney Episode 17: Is "Venom" a complete fumble? Or a dumb-but-fun flick?

Marvel Us Disney Episode 17:   Is

Venom Divides the Team

Aaron Adams & Jim Hill start off this episode by discussing Warner Bros' recent decision to hire James Gunn to direct "Suicide Squad 2." After that, Aaron & Jim turn then attention to what Chris Evans tweeted out from the set of "Avengers 4" as reshoots of that eagerly awaited Marvel Cinematic Universe movie wrapped. Then it's time to debate "Venom," that Columbia Pictures releases that's been burning up the box office but dividing Marvel film fans

Well here is a shocker, Jim and Aaron have different opinions on the Venom movie.  The safe bet is the Spider-Man fan had some issues, it's ok, we expected that.  But are there still bright spots in the movie?  Certainly.  But is it with your 8 bucks?  That is a more challenging question.

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