The Disney Dish with Jim Hill

Terrific podcast; Len is always great

Pros: fantastic content - Disney history, current events and analysis, and what is (or may be) coming to the parks in the future.

Jim is - obviously - a wealth of Disney information. He has stories and anecdotes that most of us would love to have experienced first-hand. And he seems like a really nice guy.

Adding Len Testa to anything always makes it better. His sense of humor is great, and he manages to mesh it very well with his more science-y analysis of the parks, crowds, pricing, logistics, etc.

Cons: Jim sometimes tries *way* too hard to be funny/witty, and instead gives off this weird “aggressive geek” vibe, which is off-putting.

He also often takes a didactic tone when he speaks, as if he wants to emphasize how much he knows compared to the audience. “What you have to understand is....,” “what people always forget...”, “you gotta remember....”, as if he’s talking to schoolchildren. It gets grating after a while.

Sept. 11, 2018 by rvashko on Apple Podcasts

The Disney Dish with Jim Hill